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Products name: Injection refinement activated carbon series
Products applications: this products mainly used in medicine intermediates
Purified ,medicine decoloring , chemical decoloring, biochemical engineering,
recycleing of medicine and solvent ,etc. It also comform with Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010 edition standard
Products descriptions:
The activated carbon with low heavy metal , less impurity , high-purity and good adsorption, which is nesscery for the industry of drinking water , food , medicine ,and chemical . it was producted by special technology , to get the activated carbon with high adsorption ,on this basic ,to make it with high decoloration. This product is widely used in water deeply purifying treatment , ammonium sulphate decoloring, grease decoloring , dry cleaning solvent refining , fatty acid purification , fumaric acid purification , tartaric acid purification, glycerine decoloriing , lactic acid purification,
lubricating oil decoloring, plating solution refining , malic acid decoloring , sorbic acid purification , citric acid purification ,wood sugar purification , ethanediol decoloring and etc.

iodine mg/g ≥ 1200 1300 1400
Methylene mg/0.1g ≥ 270 330 360
caramel adsorption 210 210 230
hardness % ≥ 95 90 90
1.   the highest iodine number can above 1500mg/g .

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