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Products name: High decolorization activated carbon
Products applications: It’s mainly used in refining of drug intermediates,Drug decolorization , Chemical decolorization , solvent recovery and ect.
Products descriptions:
In the drinking water, food, medicine and chemical industry, the low heavy metal Content, less impurity, high-purity and strong adsorbing ability activated carbon is needed.  High decolorization ability coconut shell activated carbon is  producted by special technology , based on High adsorption ability and High decoloration ability , this product is wildly used in advanced water treatment , ammonium sulphate decolorization , grease-decoloring , dry cleaning solvent purification, fatty acid purification, Fumaric acid purification, tartaric acid purification , glycerine decolorization, lactic acid purification, lubricating oil decolorization , Plating solution refining, Malic acid decolorization , decolorization of sorbitol, citric acid , xylitol , ethylene glycol decolorization and ect.

YK-TS-PT  series
iodine mg/g ≥ 1200 1300 1400
Methylene mg/0.1g ≥ 270 330 360
Caramel adsorption
210 210 230
hardness % ≥ 95 90 90
1. Grain diameter of mainly products: 4-8 mesh (4.75mm-2.36mm),6-12mesh(3.35mm-1.4mm),8-20mesh(2.36mm-0.83mm)、12
40mesh(1.4mm-0.38mm),20-40mesh(0.83mm-0.38mm,customized according to customer service requirements

2. The highest iodine number above 1500mg/g.

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