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Products nameAir purification activated carbon series
Products applications: the products are widely used in New House fitment,eradicating Odor indoor, eradicating ozone, eradicating formaldehyde, eradicating toluene, eradicating benzene , VOC treatment indoor and ect.
Products descriptions:
Coconut shell activated carbon with high quality coconut shell from Southeast Asia as raw material, And after series of converter steam physical  production  processing,advanced ball-milling technology, strict equipment and craft for screening process.To guarantee the products with very reasonable match of Particle sizes.  Also can be divided into acid washing ultrafine Particles activated carbon and non-acid wash ultrafineParticles activated carbon. Acid washing ultrafine Particles activated carbon with food-class hydrochloric acid. To make ultrafine Particles
activated carbon cleaner,pores more developed, so as to the carbon rods made from ultrafine Particles activated carbon ,with high removal capacity of disposing residual chlorine and COD

  YE-XF-PT series
iodine mg/g ≥ 1000 1100 1200 1300
Methylene mg/0.1g ≥ 180 240 300 360
CTC % ≥ 50 60 70 80
Moisture % ≤ 10 10 11 12
ash % ≤ 10/6 10/6 10/6 10/6
1. Iodine number range can reach 800-1300 mg/g;
2.Customized according to customer service requirements  about Moisture.;
3.Customized according to customer service requirements  about particle sizes;

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